About the Author:
Jon Strickler has focused on business strategy, finance, process improvement through six-sigma, lean and agile, and applying technology to business throughout his over 25 year career helping local and global clients and partners. He has led transformations at the big 5, large companies, start-up companies, boutique firms and as an independent consultant. Experience includes delivering improvement at cannabis, manufacturing, distribution, financial and software development companies across the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Europe. His leadership and management skills were honed in the Corps of Engineers while serving in the US and Korea. Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from West Point and a MBA emphasizing Engineering Management from the University of Missouri School of Science and Technology. He is passionate about delivering business results through leadership, focused delivery and coaching.

Jon advises and assists clients through Horizon Line Group in Denver, CO. He can be reached by email at Jon@ horizonlinegroup .com or by phone at 720 323 0793

He also likes to bike and ski in Colorado when his family will let him.


  1. John, my local ASTD chapter is putting together a program on Centers of Excellence. We looked for a good definition of a CoE and found your definition:

    “A team of people that promote collaboration and using best practices around a specific focus area to drive business results.”

    We also liked your examples and 5 basic needs.

    Any objection if we use your definition with an upcoming presentation along with a few of your examples? [with full attribution and link to your blog]. Strictly a non-profit event for 25 members.

    Thanks very much,

    Larry Gourley

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